Grand Canyon - DVD Trail Guide

"Armchair Hike America's Best Trails"
Hike Grand Canyon's Trails Vicariously. Armchair hike this spectacular Canyon.  Experience the Canyon's superb vistas, creeks, flora & fauna with the intimacy usually reserved for the avid hiker.

Excellent for trail planning! Valuable before and after your Grand Canyon vacation. Great souvenir or gift! Relive the trails you hiked...experience the ones you missed.
Hiking DVD covering Yosemite's best trails!
"Great guide"
Laura Panozzo

"a very useful tool for people trying to decide what trails and even what rim to visit"
Denise Traver webmaster

"Excellent...easy to use and informative....a great resource." Bob Feagans

"..thrilled with the quality of your Grand Canyon DVD. Now we know if we want a good hiking guide of Yosemite, yours is the one to get!" Janna Stathyelich

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Preview a portion of the North Kaibab trail!
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The DVDs Main MenuNorth & South Rims! Covers Grand Canyon, Arizona's best trails: day hikes & backpack trips.

South Rim: Bright Angel Trail (Mile-and-a-Half & 3 Mile Resthouses, Indian Garden and Bright Angel Campground), trail to Plateau Point, Hermit Trail to Santa Maria Spring, the trail to Dripping Springs, Shoshone Point trail, South Kaibab Trail(Yaki Point, Ooh-Aah Point, Cedar Ridge, Skeleton Point, The Tipoff and the Colorado River), The Rim Trail(Pipe Creek Vista, Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station, Grand Canyon Village, Trailview Overlook, Maricopa Point, Powell Point, Hopi Point, Mohave Point, Pima Point & Hermits Rest)& Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa.

North Rim Trails: The trail to Bright Angel Point, Cliff Springs trail, Cape Final trail, the trail to Cape Royal, Widforss Trail, North Kaibab Trail (Coconino Overlook, Supai Tunnel, Roaring Springs, Cottonwood Campground, Ribbon Falls, The Box & the Colorado River) & Cape Royal Road (Vista Encantada, Roosevelt Point, Walhalla Ruins & Overlook, Angels Window).

Each trail begins with a brief overview. See where the trail is located in the Grand Canyon; the trails length, difficulty rating, water sources, and other pertinent information. Then we go into the actual trail coverage. See video footage of the Grand Canyon's incredible vistas, buttes, spires, chasms; streams, waterfalls & oases, and its flora and fauna - from the "lowly" lizard to the California Condor.

Experience the Grand Canyon with the intimacy usually reserved for the avid canyon hiker.

From easy 1/4 mile jaunts to the strenuous 23 mile backpack journey from the North to South Rim.

Bonus Features: North & South Rim Overview provides an overview of park services on both rims and driving directions between the two. Hiking the Canyon gives some useful tips on how to hike safely in this unique environment, where hiking is like mountain climbing in the desert. Inner Canyon Oases highlights 3 serene oases & the wildlife and flora that thrive there.

Viewing Options: Either select trails one by one, or "Select All Trails" and have them all play automatically.

Audio Options: Narration and Music or Music Only. Exercise to video footage from one of the world's premier hiking destination!

90 minutes. Released in 2007. Revised in 2008.
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. This is a living, breathing treasure...truly one of our planets greatest destinations. What the Grand Canyon has to offer can be under-appreciated. The easy access, guardrails at many of the vistas, modern comforts, and millions of annual visitors can give the impression that there is nothing more to the canyon than the mile-deep gorge in the earths' crust; that all of its secrets have been revealed, that there are no true adventures to be had in it, and that there is nothing below the rim worth the effort of hiking to.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When you descend the canyon you enter a remarkable and exquisite museum. You enter rock layers formed millions upon millions of years ago by ancient mud flats, sand dunes, shallow seas. You gain an intimacy with the canyon's wide array of cliffs, spires, chasms and buttes; streams, waterfalls, flora and fauna. Why such incredible diversity? The rock layers, having different make-up, respond to erosion differently. The harder layers form cliffs, the softer ones form slopes. Add to this grand sculpture the minerals that paint (known as desert varnish) these formations varying shades of color, and you end up with a real masterpiece. Singing streams, exuberant and magical falls, lush oases, sweet-sounding birdsong; ancient fossils, native american indian ruins....and much more are waiting for you at Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Video programs that showcase the canyon's beauty are plentiful.  DVD Hiking Guide - Grand Canyon does that - and more. It will help you gain an intimacy with the canyon. Grand Canyon visitors will also find it to be a cherished souvenir.

While designed as a guide to Grand Canyon hiking trails, the value of this DVD does not stop there. Many have said that it is a fine way to "armchair travel" trails they will never get to see, and to "relive" favorite Grand Canyon trails they've hiked in the past. This DVD is for anyone who loves the outdoors and would like more than a shallow, impersonal approach to this great National Park & its' Hiking trails.

"Great show! Informative & what I needed" Randolph J. Westfall
"Super...wish I had this DVD years ago"  Domenico Mirante Jr.
My favorite miss-spellings of the Grand Canyon: Grennd Canyon, Ground Canyon, Grande Canyon, Grand Canyun, Grand Cannyon, Grand Canyawen, Grand Cznyon Nashunal Park.