Customer Feedback (a.k.a. Testimonials)

"My husband was thrilled with the quality of your Grand Canyon DVD.  Now we know if we want a good hiking guide for Yosemite, yours is the one to get!" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] Janna Stathyelich

"Fantastic DVD. Most highly recommended" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] David Gordon

"Fast shipping. Great DVD."[Yosemite Hiking DVD] Travis Day

"Beautiful item." [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] Larry Wisherd

"Great communication. Exactly what we were looking for."[Grand Canyon Trails map] Brandy Florey

"Great DVD. Very useful. Will help me plan my hike. THANKS."[Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] William Keck

"Very quick shipment. Thanks very much!" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] David Hayes

"Super quick shipping!!! Excellent video....thank you very much!!!" [Yosemite Hiking DVD]  Russ Wilkerson

"Great addition to my Grand Canyon DVD collection. Fast shipping, too. Thanks" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] Marga Taris

"Great item" [Grand Canyon - Portrait of Water & Stone] Maritza Dominguez

"Great DVD. Thanks for the fast shipping!!"[Grand Canyon hiking & scenic 2 disc set] Lynn D. Kullas

"Quick ship. Really nice..... - RECOMMENDED!!!!" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] John G. Reed

"Now that's service!!" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] Lona S. Kiser

"Nice [DVD}...great [video]..A++++" [GC- Portrait of Water & Stone] Sherlyn Wood

"Your DVD [is] an excellent way of seeing places we had no chance of getting to in the allotted time. My appetite has been thoroughly whetted for a return and much longer stay" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] David Gordon

"If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, this DVD is for you." [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD]

"Good quality product" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] Kirk Smith

"A great resource!!...super speedy shipping" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] Sandy Nelson

"Nice product. Extremely fast shipping. Thank you." [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] C. Lambert

"Very satisfied with [the Yosemite hiking DVD]" Delena Williams

"Simply outstanding product" [Yosemite hiking DVD] Domenico Mirante

"Extremely fast delivery" [Yosemite hiking DVD] Oscar Briseno

"Great scenes!" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Dan Boyd

"Great DVD!!!" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Scott Shackleford

" shipping!" [Yosemite hiking DVD] Cori Roland

"We just got back from our trip to Yosemite and I wanted to thank you for the speed with which you sent us the materials we ordered at the last minute. I was afraid we would not get the materials in  time, but they arrived the Monday after I ordered them on Friday. And the items were invaluable. Thanks again." Jim Fitzgerald.

"Thanks for the prompt reply and mailing of my order" Patty Luzzi

"Very satisfied!!!" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Paula Lathem

"Thoughtful, useful hiking DVD" [Grand Canyon & Yosemite hiking DVDs] Alex Kopperud

"Super fast shipping and an excellent DVD! I hope my trip is as good!" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Dena Fitzgerald

"I enjoyed the DVD. It is very helpful for planning hikes in Yosemite. Good work!" Pete Stevens

"Excellent service" Tony Kelly

"If you want to see Yosemite in all its glory, this DVD does a superb job of showing you all there is to know about hikes in Yosmite" [Yosemite Hiking Guide] John McIntire

"Wish I had this DVD many years ago when I first started backpacking."[Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Domenic Miranta Jr.

"Excellent DVD!" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] Keith Bichsel

"I live here in Yosemite. I really enjoyed your DVD" [Yosemite hiking DVD] Laura Ullman

"Great show! Informative and what I needed" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Randolph J. Westfall

"Real fast shipping....great reference" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] Socalaco

"There's a nice 'friendly guy next door' style to the narration. It's all very helpful." [Yosemite hiking DVD] Pete Stevens

"Great guide!" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Laura Panozzo

"Excellent...easy to use and informative! ...a great resource." [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Bob Feagans

"Arrived very quickly and is a great video" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] Robert Bean

"A+++ [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD]"  David Robinson

"Loved the DVD!!! The descriptions and characterizations of the hikes are very accurate. [I want to order] two more copies. I was thinking of giving them away as gifts" [Yosemite hiking DVD] Mark Guess

"..a masterpiece" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Mark Guess

"The DVD is lovely. Nice music, high quality images, etc. All very well put together" [Yosemite hiking DVD] Thomas Brooks

"Prompt shipping and friendly service"  Nicolas D.

"My in-laws are coming...and I plan on showing them the DVD to entice them to some hiking in Yosemite while thery are here." Carolyn Byerly

"Great" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] George Berry

"Very fast delivery. A1 item. Many thanks" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] Valerie Brown

"Great products. Prompt delivery" [Grand Canyon & Yosemite Hiking DVD's] William Johnson

"Lightning fast shipping" Almario Mendoza

"Fast ship. Thanks" Katherine Bradshaw

"Very personal product, great guide & quick delivery" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD]

"Nice item" [Grand Canyon Hiking DVD] Dale Berreth

"Ultra fast delivery. Thanks!!!!!" Robert Schwarb

"Great. Thank you." [Yosemite Hiking DVD]  Jack Levis

"Excellent DVD. AAA+++" [ Yosemite Hiking DVD] Don Mishima

"Outstanding service and outstanding video" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] George Edmondson

"Very fast shipping..." Tom Coddington

"Fast shipping....awesome" [Yosemite Hiking DVD] Eli Madero

"Good informative DVD"[Yosemite Hiking DVD] David Sharp

"It was everything I thought it would be and then some!"

"Prompt shipping. Great DVD." Dusty

"Great service....Highly recommend" [Grand Canyon hiking DVD] Brian Sininger
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